News  /  Els van der Veken qualified for Z2 level

Last weekend Serge’s student Els van der Veken has competed her seven year old mare Amalia (by Timeless x Polansky) in Hulten (The Netherlands). The second test went really well and Els won this Z1 class. Els and Amalia have enough points now to graduate to Z2 level.
Els: ‘Several participants did not come to the show so my warming up time was much shorter than scheduled. During my test it was very noisy and Amalia was pretty tensed. I was not so satisfied about my first test. We still had over 60% and we came fourth but we could do better. So we did in our second test. Although there was a lot of hail, Amalia did a super job and won the test. Now we stay home for a while to practise a bit more on our flying change before we will compete again.’