News  /  Soemischa Farhaoui at Dressage Stable Pais

Recently Soemischa Farhaoui and her pony Fulco have been at Dressage Stable Pais during Soemischa’s holiday.

Soemischa (17) studies horse business and sport at the Prinsentuincollege (in Breda, The Netherlands). She just started this study in September. ‘I learn about the anatomy of a horse, about grooming, wrapping and about the teeth of a horse’, Soemischa tells.

Serge and Anneke have taught Soemischa several times during her stay with Fulco (picture 1). She even got lessons on the lunge and cantered without holding her reins! Soemischa’s favourite horse at Dressage Stable Pais is Farruco (picture 2).