News  /  Good scores for students at CDN Moerzeke

Last weekend a CDN has taken place in Moerzeke, Belgium. Two of Serge's students, Eva Cornelis and Ann de Feyter have competed at this show and got nice results.

For both it was the second test at Intermediaire I level. Eva Cornelis (picture) competed her 10 year old mare C-Zita (by Metall x Landetto). Although the weather was very hot the test went very well and the judges gave an average score of 65,65%. This resulted in the third prize. Eva: 'I was not sure if I should compete or not as it was so extremely hot but I decided to go and I don't regret it! The warming up was good. The arena was directly next to the big tent but C-Zita did not even look at the tent and she was top from the first step in the ring. My tempi changes went well and I am very proud of her!'

Ann de Feyter showed her 15 year old chestnut Palikari (Flemmingh x Wellington). 'I had a few mistakes so there is still room for improvement but still i got 63,3%', Ann said.