News  /  Personal best for Julie Ruts

Yesterday Julie Ruts (15) has scored her personal best so far. Julie, one of the students of Anneke and Serge, has made her début at Junior level recently. Last weekend she competed her horse Desdemona (Donnerhall x Sander Af HVARR) in Kasterlee (Belgium). Julie came second with a score of 62,237%.

Julie tells about her show: 'It went really well! The day before I had a lesson at Dressage Stable Pais and then we have worked on my half passes. Anneke helped me a lot and without her help I couldn't have done it. Dior, as I call my horse, was very quite at the show and she was completely focussed on me. I am super happy with my score and my ranking. Also, I was very pleased that Anneke and Serge have come to help me at the show. It gives me trust and hopefully my next show in Zandhoven will be as good or maybe better!'