News  /  Students do well at CDN Zandhoven

Last weekend a CDN competition has taken place in Zandhoven, Belgium. Several students of Serge competed at this show and were successful.

Ann de Feyter showed her Palikari (Flemmingh x Wellington) at small tour level. She got 65,2% in the Prix St. Georges. Ann was satisfied as all the changes went really well which is not always the case. Now there was a mistake after the changes when Palikari went to trot for a second. Still she got a good score and came eighth.

Eva Cornelis competed in the same class. She tacked up her mare C-Zita (Metall x Landetto) and got 65% as well. Both riders were ranked pretty high in the big field of participants at this level.

Julie Ruts (15) has made her début as Junior rider in Zandhoven. Since a few months she has a new horse named Desdemona (Donnerhall x Sander Af HVARR). It was a pity there was a big difference in scores of the judges. That caused mix feelings for Julie but the start has been made and Desdemona, whose nickname is Dior, behaved super at the show.